Circular Fashion 101

According to The Ellen McArthur Foundation, “The overarching vision of a new textiles economy is that it aligns with the principles of a circular economy: clothes, textiles and fibers are kept at their highest value during use and re-enter the economy after use…” 



How this looks in an ideal economy… 

  1. Using a circular design when establishing supply chains 
  2. Making use of raw materials that are from renewable resources and can be reprocessed 
  3. Implementing technological advancements to reprocess old materials and turn them into new, creating now waste


How can you implement this in your everyday wardrobe? 

sustainable fashion forms

On an individual level, creating a circular closet just means implementing the 4 R’s of sustainable fashion which remake our world identified as: 

  1. Reduce 
  2. Rewear
  3. Repurpose 
  4. Recycle 

First step of course is to reduce your consumption of clothing, this includes changing your mindset towards fashion and analysing your shopping habits. Next is to rewear the clothes you already have. Extending the lifecycle of a garment helps prevent textile waste that end up in the landfill (which is estimated at one garbage truck of textile waste per minute).

If you have already reworn your garment up to your limit, your next option is to repurpose it. This means upcycling and turning the textile into something you can use for everyday (e.g. turn a t shirt into a bag), the reason for this is that we want to really keep it away from the landfill as much as possible by extending it’s lifecycle by turning it into something else that is still useful. Lastly, if you really can’t repurpose, your best bet would be to recycle. We list this as the last because as of now, there is a significant gap in the market for technologies that can recycle a textile 100%.However, recycling is significantly better than textile waste. 

The key to everything is sustainability. Keeping your closet, and the whole economy, in line with ethical and environmental outcomes.


circular fashion 101


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